14. - 15. 3. 2015 The School of sensual holistic massage


Yoni and Lingam are the Sanskrit names for the female and male genitalia. In this workshop you will learn to relax and allow touch of this intimate area to awaken your body, bring healing and lead you to new states of love and awareness.

Content of the workshop:
- male and female genital massage - explanation and demonstration;
- male and female anatomy and energy circuits, differences between men and women with regard to intimacy;
- explanation of male and female sexuality in terms of body and energy;
- healing aspects of intimate massage;
- for women: basics of scar tissue healing after giving the birth and/ or surgery and trauma healing;
- for men: the Big Draw - ancient taoist technique which helps men to retain their power and strength, not to ejaculate during orgasm, to experience the whole-body bliss and the states of expanded consciousness;
- expanding into the whole body orgasm and feeling its rejuvenating, healing and energizing quality.

This course reveals the secrets and deeper meaning of male and female intimate (genital) massage. We not only learn about the technique as such, but also learn to understand the differences between male and female body, sensation and perception. Both in sexuality and in everyday life.
Our primary needs in intimacy are different. Women usually look for connection and love, and this opens them for the sexual intimacy. Men start from the other end - joyful sexuality opens their heart.

This gives us keys on how to touch male and female bodies. Women´s bodies usually fill up with energy and joy when caressed in the area of heart (chest), face, all over body - but NOT genitals at first. When their bodies are nourished with touch and filled with energy, their sexual centers start to open up.

For men, this is mostly vice versa. Their most sensitive organ is penis. When touched and honored in the are of their genitals, men´s hearts start to open up. Men gather energy in their genitals at first, and from here they start spreading it all over the body. Sexual energy in men rises from genitals up and opens the heart, throat and other energy centers.

We call this principle the polarity or the plus/ minus theory. Men´s minus is the heart, whereas for women the heart is plus. In men, penis is plus and women´s vagina is minus. We are opening in plus-areas at first, and from there, the energy spreads all over the body. Therefore, women´s sexuality flowers/ grows when in loving environment and touched lovingly on the extremities of her body, chest and “feeling” centers (face, neck, lower bely...). Men get energized and opened up from their penis into the rest of their bodies.

We can get bored or frustrated and tensed when touched at minus first. Women tend to tense when they are touched on their genitals quickly, and men are frustrated or fall asleep when caressed lovingly on their chest only, without any attention to their penis. It is practical to know how to open up our beloved and fill him or her with joy and love.

There is more to male and female genital massage. Women can experience tremendous healing effects due to loving, present touch in their intimate area. With loving presence and conscious touch, stress and old trauma can be released and healed. Many women experience the lack of sensitivity or even pain in their vagina after giving the birth or surgery. Also victims of abuse tend to be disconnected from their energy center, and have to cope with huge amount of stress because their system spends so much effort on pushing down unwelcomed emotions. We use a gentle technique which helps to release this and gives us a lot more sensitivity, openness, freedom, flexibility and joy.

Men learn how to expand their capacity to feel whole-body pleasure. For many men, their pleasure is limited to their genital area - there is little energy build-up to erect the penis, and release with ejaculation. But with the help of breath- and bodywork, men can learn how to experience intense pleasure in all parts of their body, and how to have an orgasm without releasing energy in ejaculation. Thus they feel charged and in whole-body bliss which does not fade after the orgasm. This experience rejuvenates both body and soul, and man learn a powerful tool to completely transform and expand their sexuality to unknown heights.

During the workshop, we teach with the means of talk, explanation and live demonstration. Participants are welcome to practice what they learned either in the common room with the guidance of lecturers, or in the privacy of their own room.
This workshop is open to both singles and couples. Participants who did not come with a partner can either practice with another single person from the workshop or they are welcome to be part of the group without practice.
There is no pressure to do something which would be beyond ones boundaries.

Participants will receive CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION and with practice of the knowledge from the workshop, this will enable them to also guide the others professionally in the field of intimacy. Suitable not only for lay people, but also for professionals in massage, therapy, intimacy, couples work etc.

The workshop will be taught in Czech with **English translation**,but an intermediate level is enough, there will surely be people around to help you communicate.

Lecturers: Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB & Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa and Richard bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and methods how to use this area for health, happiness, life in a couple and personal development. Since 2002, thanks to their courses, lectures and articles they have already helped several thousand people to have a more joyful and fulfilled life. They are well known mainly thanks to the concept of holistic sensual massage they drew up, which spreded rapidly in our country under the name of tantric massage.

They created a center for massages and personal development named Tantra Spa Prague. Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. they brought to Czech Republic a new profession called Sexological Bodywork, which originates from the U.S.A. and has extraordinary effects in the field of somatic education and health.
In 2013 they founded the European Academy of Somatic Education - EASE to make the benefits of the body work available to the general public and provide certification for professionals. They are the authors of an educational DVD Art of Touch.


Centrum Karlovka; Karlova 25, Prague 1

14. – 15. 3. 2015

Saturday from 10am till approx. 8pm Sunday from 10am to approx. 2pm

Registration takes place from 9:30 am, program begins slightly after 10am.

Price: Eur 120  (This is workshop fee and does not include food and accommodation)

The assumption for participation in the courses is the willingness to give and receive touch. Experiences from the realm of Tantra and/or Tao, as well as knowledge of other massage techniques are welcome!

For more information contact us at info@denisaarichard.cz or call +420 774 77 66 88 (in the case of absence please leave us an SMS and we will contact you back)