1.1.  - 4.1. 2016, Váňův statek, Dubovice

The Ritual of Fulfilled Wishes

 After the New Year Celebration

Conscious work with sexual energy. New Year´s "Ritual of Fulfilled Wishes" will help you to enhance your wishes for the next period of time. It is an opportunity for all of you – couples or individuals – to look back at the previous year and to let your hearts choose the intentions for the following one, supporting them with collectively built-up energy.

CREATE AND REINFORCE YOUR PURPOSE FOR THE YEAR 2015. Conscious work with the sexual energy. You can learn how to work consciously with your purpose and your energy to strengthen your wishes 🙂

New Year´s \"Ritual of Fulfilled Wishes\" will help you to enhance your wishes for the next period of time. It is an opportunity for all of you – couples or individuals – to look back at the previous year and to let your hearts choose the intentions for the following one, supporting them with collectively built-up energy.

We will work on creation and formulation of the new scheme for the year 2013 during the workshop. 

We will use the sexual energy for the fulfillment of the personal purpose in the New Year´s Ritual of the Fulfilled Wishes.

We will explain the basic principles of conscious love making: heart opening, principles of polarity, consciousness and energy, presence.

There is also dance, celebration in the group of people with their heart open, good food and drink awaiting you.

Turn of the year is usually a period of time, when we balance. We are looking at our lives that we live in the present, looking back to the past and ahead to the future. We are deciding what steps to make, what should be left behind and what should be pushed ahead. Shortly, it is a perfect time to:

- 1/ leave everything that is not serving us well any more and therefore we do not need it any more;
- 2/ feel from the deepness of our hearts what it is, that we really need and want;
- 3/ support our wishes and purposes by our conscious work with the energy.

We have been organizing the New Year´s Ritual of the Fulfilled Wishes regularly every year since 2005. In the last few years the participants of the rituals have wished and fulfilled many dreams, both material and non-material:

- Cars and houses :-);
- Jobs, that bring them the joy and fulfill themselves;
- Children (who were born even though there were contradicting medical diagnoses !)
- Life partners, family happiness;
- Journeys and vacations;
- Chosen aspects of the personal development;
- And many other…..

We will be talking about the principles that create the dynamics of our wishes and their fulfillment\\non-fulfillment at our workshop. The course was designed to help you to realize what it is that your heart really wants and dissolve the borders of your thinking at the same time. The purposes filled with joy will crystallize in that process. These are then becoming the parts of your yantra (in the modern words, some version of “vision board”), which symbolizes and radiates everything that you actually desire and what you want to materialize in your life. 

We also leave the space for the enjambment – “let the things happen the way we wish, or even better”. Another magical formula is also the fact that we want our wishes to bring the benefits not only to us, but also to the other people concerned. 

There are other things that we are talking about, e.g. how our imagination and the energy flow work, and what it is that creates the successful“magic”- the idea and the image of it and these to become materialized in our head. The idea, verbalization, image, experience… are some of those.

You will also find out:
- The basic principles of raising the energy level (breath, touch, move, voice….);
- How to use your energy consciously;
- How we behave differently as men and women;
- How to open your heart;
- What is the polarity of the consciousness and energy;
- How to be really present with a focused attention.

You can attend the workshop both as an individual or as a couple. There is no need of any previous experience or preparation, all you need to know will be taught and practiced at the course. The Ritual of the Fulfilled Wishes itself can be experienced in a group or in your private room.

This is your chance to go through an amazing, deep process and experience. Learn personally the laws of energy work, that you can use in your everyday life as well. The beauty of making the ritual in a group is that the energy built up by the others strengthen your wishes as well and vice versa. 

The Ritual of the Fulfilled Wishes is an exceptional experience. It brings a lot of information and different insights. It inspires you to understand what is the real happiness for yourself. It helps to remelt the old patterns that are holding you back. It will support you in strengthening your life scheme and will show you which practical steps to take in order to fulfill your wishes.


Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB & Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa and Richard bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and methods how to use this area for health, happiness, life in a couple and personal development. Since 2002, thanks to their courses, lectures and articles they have already helped several thousand people to have a more joyful and fulfilled life. They are well known mainly thanks to the concept of holistic sensual massage they drew up, which spreded rapidly in our country under the name of tantric massage.

They created a center for massages and personal development named Tantra Spa Prague. Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. they brought to Czech Republic a new profession called Sexological Bodywork, which originates from the U.S.A. and has extraordinary effects in the field of somatic education and health.

In 2013 they founded the European Academy of Somatic Education - EASE to make the benefits of the body work available to the general public and provide certification for professionals. They are the authors of an educational DVD Art of Touch.

Date: 1st January - 4th January

Friday 8pm - Monday 3pm


Váňův statek, Dubovice


Workshop fee + food + accommodation: Eur 240

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