Holistic Sensual Massage Course: 30−31 May 2015, Prague


Trance massage and limbic imprint recoding Massage

enabling you to experience strong meditative states

This is a course teaching the gentle, healing head massage called “The Fourth Dimension” and the recoding of limbic imprint created by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova.

Day One: Course in “The Fourth Dimension” massage.
Day Two: Limbic imprint recoding by Elena Tonetti.

The fourth dimension is a space beyond our everyday thinking. It is a state of changed consciousness, where we are touching inner knowledge that is deeper than our usual mental processes… We are connecting with the energy and the wisdom of the universe. Our body regenerates and shines. Our heart is open. The fourth dimension is a space full of light, life, vibrancy and love.

What will you learn?

During the course you will be able to enrich your life with deep relaxation, with centring and anchoring yourself in your body. Thanks to the methods of dissolving old patterns you will boost your energy, joy, freshness and love.

Join us at the Fourth Dimension course and explore the expanded states of consciousness achieved through touch. We will teach you the sensitive, meditative and healing massage called “The Fourth Dimension”. What is more important than the technique is the level of energy and attention of the giver. We will cultivate our own energy, regeneration and the ability to connect with the source of our inspiration. This powerful, effective massage is hard to describe – it is meant to be experienced! This massage brings about the state of a very deep relaxation. The touch is gentle and sensitive. The massage is not sexual but it is able to induce states of deep intimacy, internalisation and strengthening the contact with oneself. You can encounter the essence of our energy and sensuality in almost childhood-like innocence. There is relaxation and regeneration on some very basic levels.

During the guided therapeutic meditation aimed at the rewriting of the limbic imprints you will discover new possibilities and freedom in your life. It is a method created by Elena Tonetti – the author of the video “Birth as We Know It”. By way of a guided inner journey you will revisit your prenatal period, birth, childhood and coming of age… and consciously create a reality that supports you. You will learn useful tools for a conscious transformation of harmful convictions both in yourself and the others, be it in bodywork or in a different context.

The Fourth Dimension is a metaphor for the space beyond our everyday level of perception and experiencing. It is a place where we charge ourselves with energy, regenerate, touch our dreams and our mission.


Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB & Ing. Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa and Richard bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and methods how to use this area for health, happiness, life in a couple and personal development. Since 2002, thanks to their courses, lectures and articles they have already helped several thousand people to have a more joyful and fulfilled life. They are well known mainly thanks to the concept of holistic sensual massage they drew up, which spreded rapidly in our country under the name of tantric massage.

They created a center for massages and personal development named Tantra Spa Prague. Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. they brought to Czech Republic a new profession called Sexological Bodywork, which originates from the U.S.A. and has extraordinary effects in the field of somatic education and health.
In 2013 they founded the European Academy of Somatic Education - EASE to make the benefits of the body work available to the general public and provide certification for professionals. They are the authors of an educational DVD Art of Touch.


Studio Karma Yoga, Korunní 25, Prague 2

30. – 31. 5. 2015

Saturday from 10am till approx. 8pm Sunday from 10am to approx. 2pm

Registration takes place from 9:30 am, program begins slightly after 10am.

Price: Eur 120 (This is workshop fee and does not include food and accommodation)

The assumption for participation in the courses is the willingness to give and receive touch. Experiences from the realm of Tantra and/or Tao, as well as knowledge of other massage techniques are welcome!

For more information contact us at info@denisaarichard.cz or call +420 774 77 66 88 (in the case of absence please leave us an SMS and we will contact you back)