Testimonials: massage courses

“We started to massage each other with my husband and it’s so wonderful. We almost forgot about classical orgasms, we think that the difference is also in approach and expectation. Now journey is the destination, we don’t masturbate, but massage, I can see how charming it is. My husband is very sensitive to gentle touch and told me that classical movements up and down are the most boring.”


“I am telling everybody about the course, I am enthusiastic and grateful I could be there. Big thanks to everybody who participated in this course.”

Dana, Scar Tissue Healing course participant

“…today I get up at about 7 in the morning, I pick up my guitar, I don’t know what to play! So play what the heart wants to say, in about 10 minutes I finish a song and I’m playing it till now, the whole day, can’t get rid of it and actually don’t want to, so thank you and everybody and everything I met, to all who wanted to break me, everybody and everything who wanted to help me from shit, love you, perhaps soon I send you my song, love, Liebe, l’amour”

Marty Myit, musician, Yoni and Lingham course participant

I want to thank you both again... for things happening now in my life... everything have its’ right direction... I experience wonderful situations full of love and abundance... everything turns in good... last year I came to your courses again (the very first course was six years ago), I knew you could help me from my vicious circle again... it was seminar Na Marjánce, Vaginal Mapping, shooting... then Thailand... it’s true I was somehow disappointed, disgruntled... with some people... with the fact that some things I felt differently, that the others were successful and I’m not... but everything gets better... it takes me a long time ... my problems are very deep inside... I can’t just go... only on top of it 😉

... once again big thank to YOU and for EVERYTHING, I wish you many contented clients!!!!!!!!!)))”


Self-acceptance, heart opening... meeting people with open hearts who are willing to work on them­selves... At least for a while we were again our true ourselves. In everyday life we have masks and now we put them away – what a relief! There was such a good atmosphere and almost sacred for meeting with our spirit, body, whole being... This atmosphere was created and held for us by both lecturers with their charisma, education and Richards great sense of humour.

Thanks for everything... I can’t say simply goodbye, I must say: See you at your next course!!!”

with love and respect Jelka

“I find out at the course that my troubles aren’t unique and nothing special, lot of people have  similar troubles (the unpleasant thoughts returning about us or others or remembering the wrondoing). My worries about not being understood and that people may find me strange had soon gone away. I was surprised how many people wished to be present.

I was very sad and depressed and until about one week before the course I was considering psychiatric treatment. I was afraid of people, of speaking in front of them, I warded myself. I was still re­mem­be­ring detachment of the other children from my childhood because of my original name and this prudence and feeling of being observed lasted for first three days on the course. I didn’t believe that only the presence of other people with common interest – to make their lives better – could have such positive effect on me. I don’t usually enjoy being among a lot of people and I was little bit shaken after arriving – so many people were there! But here it was very helpful to have the possibility to speak with different types of people with their own unique stories. Special thanks must go to nice and kind Přemek who took special care of me. And by the way I suppose I was the only one who didn’t even notice his snoring. 😀

The thing I was most upset about was that I am not present in my everyday life for my child; I should prepare more plays and activities for him. Thoughts drove me away from him and I took care of my son mechanically, absentmindedly with desperate and disgusting face expression. He even asked me, if I cried, when he tried to understand me (he is three years old). I knew that this is very stressful for him but I didn’t know how to fix it. Great deal has been done thanks to the course I am now much more present and by my son, I don’t hold “all the weight of the world”, it fell off my shoulders. My life is richer thanks to these things, thanks a lot.

After the course I am more positive, have more energy and the unpleasant thoughts occur much less. I am joyful, more willing to communicate with my child. I am looking forward to my hobbies and reali­sa­tion of my plans.

What to say about the course to my friends? Primarily it is a safe way how to work on ourselves and to give our lives new impulse when we are unhappy. To work on our relationships that aren’t as good as we wish, we worry ourselves that we are not understood by our relatives and thoughts of past wrongdoings are constantly re­tur­ning. And when you are helpless, you don’t know who to confide and you are afraid of going to specialist – because you are worried that you won’t be understood, your problems will be downplayed, you will be persuaded that you have in fact another problem different from that you reported on and the only reaction of the doctor will be an offer of a medicine. This course will help you.

Bernadeta (Babet) Hnízdová

“In August I attended the Scar Tissue Healing course and I’d like to thank you once again.

I felt much more relaxed after it and I established a nice friendship with my Caesarean section scar ;o).



“I completed 10-days training: The School of Sensual Holistic Massage and I can confirm that my life now can’t be compared to life before. It is much much better now!!!”

Jana Kollárová


“I am – as a massage receiving person – extremely grateful that I finally get what I actually wanted all the time, but I didn’t know much about it – long warming and fondling of the body and pelvis, slow awakening  of the body from plus points of the body to the minus points. I thought that this was only my personal dream and other women have maybe different dreams. But this desire wasn’t clear, I wasn’t able to describe and explain it properly and although my husband is a very attentive and willing lover, I always feel that fond­ling and touches before love making weren’t long enough. Now the unclear dream actually becomes true.


This course had great impact on me in two areas: self loving and self-confidence.

I am level hig­her now thanks to different emotional experiences. What helped me to reach this level, was also the opportunity to meet and talk to people at the course.

So I thank you also for getting so great and inspiring people together. ;)”


“...I am still thinking of the course and I must say: Thank you! You helped me to remove so much un­cer­tainty and anxiety, I went through regression from prenatal stage ... it is unbelievable, what is possible in nine days to experience! At the end I found loving parents, I figure to myself how important is mum and how irreplaceable is dad, I discovered myself, incredible point of view! I love and understand the others, everybody went through something ... you gave me wings a I can fly, I’m in love ... with life, I finally start to live, world is a wonderful place for life, love, joy, this chance we must not throw away! ... big big thanks.

Radka, The School of Sensual Holistic Massage participant

“Big thanks for the amazing atmosphere, safe space and absolutely gorgeous professional leading, the process is still ongoing, new awareness is coming, it is beautiful!”

Míša Černá

It’s a RESTART and I am extremely grateful for that – thank you!

Radka Pešlová

Thanks for absolutely astonishing course! It was so deep, relaxed and very wisely led, you deserve my greatest praise.

I believe I already deeply understand your healing techniques. A lot of people at the course were hurt somehow in the past, they had problems in partnership and wanted to find their journey to the future.

I started with tantric courses last year, I instantly reached pleasure but I didn’t know how to repeat it myself. At this course there were some first-time things for me and I am grateful that they could hap­pen in safe space. The course was very intensive interaction. I think I’m now more open and re­laxed. I’d rather knew many of the techniques when I was 20 - but better now than never.

And my plans for the future? I want to become master in the art of loving, be prepared for person whom I would like to share and spend my life with. So I hope we meet again.”

with best regards Andrew

Thank you again and continue in bringing your best love to people!

I’m back in reality. I feel beautifully. Ten days at the course - The School of Sensual Holistic Massage was full of emotions and important awareness and great people.

Everybody who wants to know his or her body and understand his/her partner’s body should attend this course. In my life these information and experience came at the right time.”


“Denisa with Richard support being in your body and not being in your head in their teaching for the whole time. It seems to be quite easy. But at  the course I realised that being in body, no thoughts in head and only concentrate myself on my body or touch on my body is pretty hard. When you finally get it, amazing feeling of freedom and relaxation comes. Freedom moreover went through the whole course. It was unbelievably liberating let thoughts like: ʻWhat will the others think of me?ʼ, ʻWhat will the others say to that?ʼ, ʻPeople don\'t do itʼ, ʻI can\'t afford itʼ went away. Only to be just the way I am right now, be respected and respect the others in their uniqueness. Eventhough we try to sometimes suppress it all.

Another thing which contributed to the feeling of freedom was the everyday touch. Touch not only in massages and various exercises but primarily the real warming human touch when I can hug somebody for no special reason, just because I want to…. without the strange looks saying what I am doing and mainly why. And in this sense we set up our famous holistic sensual orgasmic breakfast, eventually lunch or dinner too which I will miss a lot. The concept of an active reception wasn´t involved only in breakfasts but also in every single massage. With every single massage I have deepened my knowledge of my body and its possibilities. And by doing that I have realized that… I know that I know nothing. Normal person believes that he knows everything after few years of intimate contact, that he had mastered it and there\'s no space for improvement. After 10 days of training I feel it differently that there is still a lot more to be discovered. Therefore I set to myself a new challenge for the next year – Sexological Bodywork training.

I’m looking forward to it already! After these 10 days full of discoveries and dance the next year will be certainly great. And if somebody wanted a massage in the meantime I’m fully available! I guarantee meaningful and sensual experiences!”

Míša Skopalová