Testimonials: courses for couples

I know about Denisa and Richard for about 4 years now, I have been sneaking around them only, being tempted to come closer to them and now it finally happened!!!!!

We went through a pretty ugly marriage crisis for the last 3 years, until I couldn’t manage anymore and in January this year I filled the divorce papers. But at the same time I sent a registration and advance payment on the RETREAT FOR COUPLES, and that made my man completely open and what he wasn’t able to tell me for 17 years of our marriage, he told me at the end of the course - a cherry on the cake as Denisa and Richard call it - we should have told our partner what we are grateful for!!!!! And shame we haven\'t recorded it, because this was an unforgettable strong experience and a change of my man Pavel - I wined, or rather said cried as never before and Pavel was crying the way I never saw him cry. And the most important - he was able to tell me with his body shaking and his eyes full of tears - that he is grateful to me for, although he has been nasty to me, I never stopped loving him and took him to this course although he never wanted to even hear about it!!!!!!

I want to make as many people as possible know that it only takes little - 3 days - and a person changes into a great, lively, captivating being :-))))))))) 

The feeling is still alive in my body and I am looking forward for the next seminars - for Denisa, for Richard - Richard has helped my Pavel a lot in a way he is immediate, talking about intimacy with guys absolutely naturally.\"

Sona Svobodova

\"It was an experience that has changed our life.\"

Alice Kirs, founder of the Women for women project, http://zenyzenam.cz

David Kirs, author of Million imperium, owner of the company 2.0 http://davidkirs.cz


\"Our life has been incredible for the last 14 days. After the seminar with you. Nothing has actually changed, but still everything is different, beautiful and I have never felt my body this way. Beautiful, beloved, full of life. Phew. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!

P.s.: The practice of mindful lovemaking is incredible. I will be looking forward to another meeting with you. Not only when we are going through a crisis with my husband. Also when we are doing fine. ;o)\"


\"WOW. So this is another email, which has made my day even brighter today.
I\'m glad that the courses that we organize have such effect.
And it was just a weekend.
And in the words of a man - a biker!
I am also accepting David´s offer for desperate women wishing to convince their partner that the seminar is really important for them: \"Feel free to give them my email. When some desperate woman needs to convince her guy, I will talk him into it. :o)\" So, the email is: david.pleskot@seznam.cz
And here\'s the reference. Thank you!\"

\"Since yesterday I keep telling myself that I should thank you both again, because that thank you and saying bye on Sunday afternoon was very little in exchange for what we got from you. I didn’t feel much like going to Vana´s farmhouse, I was subtly forced into it with a help of a birthday present. On Sunday I was leaving feeling I just fell in love with my girlfriend and she shined as bright as a sun. You have the amazing ability to change fortunes of people and it is great, that you use it the way you do. Thank you very much.
How did I feel after the course? Lots of energy and joy of life. I realized what a beautiful woman I have by my side, and I started to appreciate her again. I don’t even mention sex, it is just a miracle. For the first time, we haven’t had an argument during a common vacation. I learned not to use the phrase \"you cannot see inside women and watermelons\", perhaps I understand a bit what she needs from me. It is for example wonderful to look at her, realize how beautiful she is and then tell this to her. Her expression, when she realizes, it is not just a cliché, is beautiful.
What would I tell my friends about the course? I would tell them to take their women and go there. And not to worry, nobody is going to force them to do awkward things, and they will have some fun. It is a bit superficial, but my friends are bikers and in our circles it is customary to wear a cynical mask.
I have been trying just a couple of times to talk about the contents of the course and it is pretty difficult, simplifying actually degrades it. I found out that the easiest way is to concentrate on one particular thing and explain it thoroughly and close it in a way of \"there is talking about things like this all weekend, and those two are really cool\" :o)\"



\"I reached a greater alignment with my man, more knowledge. It was useful to hear about the difference in behavior of men and women, and especially TO HEAR IT TOGETHER.\"


\"We have just experienced a Tantra retreat for couples ...... and it has loaded us with energy, enriched us, taught us many things, strengthened our love and gave it a new perspective ...\"

Lukas Krump

\"A big thanks to Denisa and Richard, for their openness, understanding, for the feeling of safety. I am starting to re-write my own chapter relating to sex. I got rid of the doubts in myself, about my body, knocked the limits of shame. I SPAAARKLE, I live, I am strong and full of joy. I smile. Our bodies are healing after the retreat of slow loving.

Each time it is different, beautiful, still healing. Both of us have settled our energies (so in a way we are separated, but still DEEPLY TOGETHER), we got rid of that mutual care \"I\'ll do it for him, to make him love me, to make him respect me\", now it\'s different. I feel a feminine power /energy/ inside me, joy, I emit it and my husband is being fed with it and being supported in his male energy, that makes him more a man for me and that supports me in my feminine energy and it makes me more a woman for him…\"


\"It feels like I fell in love again, and even though it has been nearly two months by now, the feeling hasn’t gone away. I see my partner in a different way now. The course helped us get more intimate both in communication and in sexuality. We learned the slow loving. At the same time sexuality gained a new dimension. We left high and in love and the best thing is - we still are. The sex, which we experience since the course, has been incredible. Really great, loving, fulfilling, mindful and present :-). I\'m so glad that we took part with my partner and moved our relationship to a higher level, which brings even more love, understanding and passion into our life.\"


\"I liked the atmosphere, the amount of information, the choice of the place, the humor and the fun, comfort, joy, sharing the space, maaany things! And maybe even that it was not artificial, but very relaxed and very, very cool. Was it a course, at all? The seminar opened me and Gabina a space to develop, not only in making love and sex, but also in life and in the marriage. We learned (me and my wife) to better get to know each other, and yet at the same time get to know ourselves and what is inside us. We learned to understand the immense difference between woman and man and (for sure at least a little bit) how to deal with it, and how to give the other one delight, joy and love and not to be afraid to show emotions. In addition, the course enriched me by a lot of experience and emotions. After the seminar we both felt great, very opened, relaxed and we explained lots and lots of things that have been in between us, inside us. We were cheerful, affectionate, full of love, horny, sensitive physically and mentally, charged with loads of beautiful, soft, warm, energy! I shall repeat myself, there was so much and it will still need a couple of days to settle down... If you want to get to know the passion of taking and giving, go for it, subscribe, if you are serious about it. It is a once in a lifetime experience! And a really rewarding one. Even if I believe that if someone goes there to sort out his or her deep problems, it will be tough. On the other hand, that\'s what it is, and when he or she will keep on working on it, it will come to the point where pleasure and satisfaction will overcome everything and he or she will feel like a winner.\"
Gabi and Tom

\"This year´s Váňův statek (Retreat for couples) was again a great inspiration to us. Let me shortly write the whole story of our last year - it looks like an advertisement on Denisa and Richard :o).

We arrived in a pre-divorce stage to the last year´s course for couples at Váňův statek. We soon understood what the problem was. We missed the polarity - we both worked, took care of the children, cooked, payed the bills and our relationship, meanwhile, almost faded away. After a long time we touched each other and for the first time we experienced mindful lovemaking.

My mental and physical reactions were amazing the first night (luckily, otherwise I would have ran away from the course) and the second night all suppressed problems came up. Luckily, I was at least theoretically prepared from the women circle - not to give up, it is terrible, but the results are worth it.

3 sessions of VAGINAL MAPPING followed. I was surprised by the numbness and pain that came through even subtle touches. I have always been reasonable during my life, now I had to pay attention to my feelings and the body, that reminded me of a story, which happened when I was 20 years old. At the session and later at home I had to force myself to breathe and to be present in the body. When I finally stopped running away from my body, my partner started to have a problem - the male energy he gained in the course gradually faded, the visions seemed impossible to be completed.

For the first time we were really arguing, but in a very constructive way - he was angry about all those things he couldn’t do and so he realized what he really wants and then he started the other way around. Instead of changing a job, he came up with a new hobby, nevertheless, the problems in our partnership remained. We split up, I couldn’t stand him touching me and I couldn’t dispose myself to the “good boy” while making love.

We were going to the course ART OF TOUCH in Bystré as friends together with our children, and the course aligned the whole family. Meanwhile, my partner by his own initiative read a few books from David Deida and he started to voluntarily change himself from top to bottom. Instead of moving out as I had planned, we went for MINDFUL LOVEMAKING, which became a common part of our life.

It was a therapy for me, at the beginning I could stand a plain intercourse without accepting any other touches. Luckily, my partner was serious about changing, he came back strenghtened from Richard´s SEMINAR FOR MEN and he made me countinue on another RETREAT FOR COUPLES.

VÁŇŮV STATEK, 2015 (A RETREAT FOR COUPLES), I perceive as the next big milestone in my life. I succeeded to realize and breathe through emotions, accept my partner as a man, receive support from him, experience pleasant lovemaking and get to know like-minded people. I know I\'m going to continue on and I am looking forward to what life will bring.

And I still have to recomplete - I experienced my first vaginal orgasm today, after about 10 years and childbirth.

Thank you for the help!!!!!!!\"


\"... Women keep asking me, what David and I do to have such a happy and harmonical relationship and marriage since 8 years...

And so I decided to reveal you the secret and a recipe for a successful relationship:


Yes, that\'s all! Perhaps you expected more magic, but this is really the largest magic.

If you fill the relationship with conscious attention, you will develop in it and together with your partner you will grow through it - your relationship will just reward you: it will take care of you feeling good together!

But how to do it?

There are millions of approaches and techniques. What helps David and me the most, are the courses of our wonderful friends and teachers Denisa and Richard. You will not find better teachers on a field of relationships in the Czech Republic.

I cannot count how many courses we went through with them, there were many in the past 6 years and each of them was worth it! They resulted in a harmonious marriage.

If I was to recommend just one of them, that you can go to alone and without previous knowledge (and without worries), such that it is a comprehensive taste of the world of wonderful opportunities in relationship, it would be this one: The healing, resurgent and magic power of delight. You really should go for it! Ideally with your partner ;))

You will not regret it, I guarantee!

If relationships work in our lives, all other things work as well ;o)\"

- Alice Kirs, a founder of the Women for women project and a great promoter of Self-regard.


\"I like the way both instructors - in the spirit of positive attitude - recommend to search for the nice things about your partner. At one point our task was to write down the things we like the most about our partner, we were told to write everything that comes to our minds. All the couples started to write and they wrote and wrote and wrote. And Richard said: \"Hmmm, you are still writing, there are many things that you like about each other…so keep on writing.\" And the couples wrote and wrote. The outcome was not surprising. The task was to tell each other the 5 most important things that we love about him or her.

Thanks to this tutorial I got to know with certainty that my partner loves me because: I smell great, I am funny, I am a great cook, I take care about the girls well and I am patient with him. 🙂

This was the nicest moment of the entire seminar, to tell and listen to nice things. To look around and see other couples whispering their unique compliments to each other. \"


\"Dear Deniska and Richard, thank you for a wonderful weekend at Váňův statek. I now know that my husband can feel me. That he can handle my passion and my rage. That he can absorb new information which may enrich our relationship. I was about to give up on our relationship at the end of the year. I felt that we had to do something about the relationship progress, but that just me working on my own progress and my good will would not be enough. I am endlessly grateful, that he could hear all the information from you. I don’t have to explain, what a personal development means. He has his own experience. Thanks to you two we have our common experience, which we can build our relationship on. Thanks a million times!\"


\"Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring weekend at Chateau Mcely.

For the last five days we have made love more often than for the past five years! Unbelievable. Thanks again.
What a nice job you have, Denisa and Richard!\"

P & J

\"It works, I confirm - Richard and Denisa - thank you for beeing such a great help for me and Janek this year. ;o)))\"

Bea Benková, ambassador and a couch of extraordinary woman, www.beabenkova.com\"Bea-Benkova-nahled\"


\"The flyer didn’t lie, I left   i n  l o v e... And my husband looked similarly 😉 \"


\"Our relationship is divided into two periods: \"before Denisa and Richard” and \"after Denisa and Richard\". Our sexual life is divided into two stages with the same milestone. And I do not mean specifically sexual life of the two of us. I mean globally, I never experienced what I experienced on the field of sex and in perception of love and energy for the past six months, I cannot even find words to describe it.\"

Silvia Mrazkova, podnikanizplaze.cz


\"We would like to thank you once more for the consultation and the weekend course. Our relationship has gone through a complete change in the past couple of days. We feel like we fell in love with each other again and yesterday we made love with such passion as perhaps never before. And it didn\'t hurt me at all. I wouldn’t believe that something like this is possible!\"


\"You did more for us in just two days than our sexologist in a whole year.\"

Jana and Milan

\"I\'d like to thank you both very much for the absolutely perfect seminar. I went there full of expectations, something had to happen and change for the better, so that the relationship with my husband could turn to a new level. And my expectations were fulfilled, or rather overfilled. Really, what we experienced there, was for both of us (we discussed it), the most intense, the most intimate, the most passionate, the most emotional experience that we ever had, and we have been together since 20 years! ... We hug and touch each other a lot more often now than before. And sex is for both of us more beautiful, because it is not just sex, but love making. So once more a huge thank you.\"

With love and respect, Jarka

\"We inscribed ourselves for the course, supposedly as many others, to simply “enjoy” it. But I guess nobody, including us, expected what happened there. You managed to open the heart of every single participant. With only a thought. There was something in the air, which emerged and fulfilled us with a wonderful sense of presence, security and love. These energies literally consumed us. We felt so touched at the end of the course. I tried not to cry in vain. Franz of course tried to keep it back too, as a tough guy. But tears ran down even his face. In one word, it was absolutely wonderful! Thank you once again.\"

Maryna and Franz

\"I couldn\'t even imagine that my husband would join me in any event such as “a seminar for couples” and certainly not something similar that Deniska with Richard do. But it happened, we were in Pepita...! It was great, and since then, miracles happen in our house. It simply filled us with new energy and I very much respect him and appreciate him for going through it with me... Thank you!\"

\"... To both friends and enemies, I would definitely recommend it as a \"must do\". ... After the seminar, I found myself at home, understanding the “tension”, which I feel in my heart since years. I was doing the dishes, looking out of the window and suddenly awareness ran through me. /”Now I am a men”/. I stopped, took a deep breath into my belly and suddenly it was clear. The male energy inside me was overwhelming the feminine one. The need to be responsible, to be here for the others, to protect (even with power), to be non-emotive and rational. Just a formula which I took when I was a child and which I kept with the exception of little brakes. And all I needed to do was to release it, broaden the movements, release the chest, shoulders, breathe deeply and do everything (including wiping the dishes) with the feeling that the world is here for me, all I need to do is let everything approach and my only concern is to provide myself with joy. Everything is happening the best way for me. And I don\'t have to DO anything for it. The tensions in the heart softened, the masculine energy faded and I bathed in the feminine one. And that\'s the way it is with me ever since. So a big pleasure :)))\"


\"We would like to thank you again for the weekend, where we enjoyed many great things and where, additionally to reaching the course goals, as a bonus, I solved my problem with orgasm. My orgasm had always been difficult to reach, although it was eventually very strong, and after that I lost interest in further lovemaking. After I started with tantra, my orgasms got weaker, but I\'m able to have a lot of them in a row. At first I believed that it is only a very strong excitement and tantra took away my climax... but then I realized it is all right ... If I had a few original orgasms in a row, I probably would not survive it. My appetite for making love is much intensified and I became very excitable... thank you.\"

Jarda and Majka

\"Thank you for your seminar Retreat for couples at Váňův statek. Mindful love making has fulfilled me with a great contentment, blissful, warm and shimmering feeling, which remains inside me for another whole day and even longer. I feel “fed” with love. It is a fabulous technique, thanks to which we got closer with my husband again, the way I probably desired for somewhere inside me.

Even when we apply the technique of conscious lovemaking just once in a while (3 hours is 3 hours, isn’t it ;)) the important thing is that I know what to do, if I need to get into balance, when I am starving for love and acceptance.

I also have to say that I totally got rid of my occasional vaginal mycosis. Your course and the project Women for women have moved us on, I\'m excited and we definitely want to develop further.

A million thanks you and continue in this work - you and Risa are great!\"


\"Until the middle of the pre-Christmas retreat 2014 I thought I would “eat” my husband. (Not because I would love him that much.) Already at the arrival I thought I probably got crazy. What the hell am I doing here? Those loads of people! A lot of resistance. Those tasks (invitations)!!!

But we faced it with responsibility (that is what we are good at, generally ;-))

And I faced it also with a feeling that on the field of intimacy and sexuality on its own I only can discover things, there is not much to lose... For the first time I realized, how difficult it is for me to be seen, heard, and exposed. In front of my own husband... And what it is like, when I try to change it. In the end it was really good :-).

I am trying and doing things differently, because it\'s more fun. Slowly. I\'m trying not to hurry with myself and be attentive to myself. To be present in my body, perceive it. I was often wondering why we actually are still together with my husband. And again and again I got to the conclusion, that the two of us aren’t finished with each other yet. That there is something that we are meant to live through together and we can help each other on that. I was just not getting what it was. I guess we are getting closer to it now.

And we have great guides. Thanks :-).\"

Kristina Otevrelová

\"Thanks to the \"slow loving\" I have experienced something completely new and realized this way, that there are more options of lovemaking and passing energy with the beloved partner.\"


\"Richard and Denisa, meeting you at the course Retreat for couples was very important for our relationship. It was exactly IT. Finally I understood things we haven’t heard about during our youth, neither at home nor at school. Things so important for life and so neglected by the school system. You were my first, real, life teacher. Thank you. Thank you for being and I fall on my knees in front of your knowledge.

Thank you for passing your knowledge on in such a natural and easily understandable way. You have opened my heart and filled it with love.\"


\"I am happy that you are devoted to this, because such sort of positive stimulation and assistance you hardly find nowadays.

Things that you say make sense and are not dangerous.\"


\"I am pleased that you have shown me, conveyed the experience of how to break free from the innermost expectations / schemes in my sexuality. The reach of it is much bigger, much further reaching than a partnership.\"


\"After two months of mindful lovemaking I am starting to feel that my cup of love is close to replenishment and I am starting to be able to give. I am not always good at it, but sometimes I let my husband free from the children in the evening without the feeling that he has to reward it. There is nothing to reward. I give and heal myself.\"


\"The course has helped us TO RESTART OUR MARRIAGE.

We love each other, but lately we were both filled with our own truths and prejudice, that we have completely stopped / were not able to communicate with each other.

I am overwhelmed with the beauty of long-term relationships, I only want to work on mine ... because THE RELATIONSHIPS FOR LIFE ARE THE SEXIEST ONES!!!... So many years together, experience, problems, pleasures, children... \"

Thanks, Monika