\"... Once I experienced a magical Thailand, but this is so much more. I throw away what I no longer needed and gathered the courage to go for what I desire.

Combine Thailand with tantra course and personal development was my best decision in my life. It goes to the depth…\"

Kateřina Frodlová

\"The stay in Thailand was a wonderful experience to me. I’m so glad that we went and we want to repeat in the future. Because it was our first multi-day course with you, almost all techniques were new, inspiring and totally fulfilling. We enjoyed ourselves for that week more than ever before. With our homework (conscious lovemaking = slow sex) we are continuing all the time and I can say that it has a big impact on our relationship. I feel that we are much more subtle, sensitive and observant to each other. Now it\'s just so nice. Disputes are also resolved differently. So I appreciate the course very positive, I feel that this is the right way for me. 🙂

The theater on the beach was awesome, it was a great experience. What would I adjust on this course? It was super for me, as it was :-)\"

thanks, Lenka

\"I’m doing great, greeting from Bangkok, currently I got it so, that it was the best investment of my life.\"

Petra Cibulková

Reportage from the course participant in Thailand Jana Bohmová

The most beautiful place on Earth or one more wish fulfilled

I would never believe how quickly the wish can come through whilst once asked. Everything began at the New Year´s Ritual of fulfilled wishes when creating Yantras 2015.. The small picture with beautiful beach and palm trees, located at the corner of my „vision board“. And after less than a month - incredibly beautiful reality.

I am very grateful for being with my husband at the next course of Denisa and Richard, this time in Thailand. A little bit of planning preceded the stay (thanks David - plans are not my cup of tea). Flights, tickets, hotels … and the biggest challenge was to get a sitter for the children.  Everything succeeded and we could on Thursday, February 5 hit the road. Followed by air transfer Prague - Dubai - Bangkok - Koh Samui. There we slept one night in a bungalow at the Phalarn Inn Resort, which is directly at the ships platform, already sailing on our island Koh Phangan. So the next morning quickly to the ship and already swimming at the beach in front of our hotel. This is how I imagine paradise...

During the following days prior to the course we were slowly exploring the island, enjoying swimming, massages, evening drinks at the bar, eating and eating. And we rented a bike. Believe or not, I rode for the first time in Thailand. We traveled through the entire island, stopping where we wanted, visited beaches, bars and food stalls. Anyway the food is a theme to a separate article - you must fall in love with Thai cuisine - all those fresh ingredients, juicy fruit, fresh coconuts… Yummy! I am just writing about it, and I am missing it. Several times during the meal at \"stall\" I asked myself, how is it possible that in Czech you get maximally fries or hot dog but in Thailand they prepare food as from the best restaurant? Still now, a week after the return, I don´t have much taste for Czech cuisine and I revel in fruit cocktails.

During our stay, everything flowed smoothly, we never planned too far ahead and did just what we wanted to do. Me and David, we brought a lot of books, but there wasn’t time for reading anyway. As for the course itself, in one word it was rewarding. We met with an amazing group of like-minded people. Denisa and Richard´s leadership was sometimes humorous, sometimes provocative, but in any case, always with full awareness to help. Last night we finished the course on the beach by the fire, letting lanterns wishes and magical theater. During this week, I left from some of my paradigms and I shifted my limits a little bit further again. The next morning we said goodbye to friends, a few tears and I now know for sure that next year we go again.

Jana Bohmová (

Mgr. Denisa Palečková, CSB & Ing. Richard Vojík, CSB

They bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and methods how to use this area for health, happiness, partnership\'s life and personal development. Thanks to its courses, lectures and articles have helped since 2002 to several thousand people to happier and fulfilled life. They are known mainly due to build holistic sensual massage, which expanded rapidly in our country under the name of tantric massage. They founded a center of massages and personal development Tantra Spa Prague.

Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. brought from the USA to the Czech Republic a new profession of Sexological Bodywork, with extraordinary effects in somatic education and health. In 2013, they founded the European Academy of somatic education - EASE in order to access the benefits of working with the body to the general public and ensure certification of professionals.

They are authors of educational DVD Art of touch.