9th – 10th January 2016, Prague


The School of Sensual Holistic Massage


Learn the intimate sensual massage of genitals that helps to release the body and charge it with energy and that extends the consciousness.

Yoni and Lingham is the addition of a trilogy of courses The Secret of the Body and The Ritual of Senses and also The Art of Touch. However you can pass it without participating on the others.

We teach there the intimate massage of the body, yoni and lingham (male and female genitals) in a context of extension and enrichment of the classical concept of sexuality, which is aimed first and foremost on excitement and orgasm.

The holistic sensual massage of genitals allows us to release into the experience, charge our body with energy and expand our consciousness. It can be full of happiness and enjoyment, also released emotions, healing the shame of our own body and sensuality, relieving the pressure for performance (success = orgasm) etc.


The level of intimacy during the massage is upon you.

It is highly important for us that you to feel safe during the course and we care about every single participant and his/her individual good feeling. The level of intimacy in the contact during the massage is just upon you. Maybe some of the instructions you will use in the full scope only later at home. Our instructions serve as a guide at the beginning of your own way to the extended horizon and to the enrichment of your life.

Our courses have nothing to do with cheap group erotic. During the explanation and demonstration you will obtain valuable information. Participation at practical parts of the course is voluntary. What is unique and deeply rewarding, is the enlivening and transforming atmosphere which arises at the course. Many people repeats the courses not only to get another information but also to experience again the environment full of human love and inspiration.

Sources of our holistic sensual (tantric) massage:

(Stated names are names of teachers who dealt with the areas in depth)

  • Tantric massage according to Andro (Diamond Lotus Institute Berlin)
  • Taoistic erotic massage (Stephen Russel and Jürgen Kolb)
  • Intimate massage for men (Joseph Kramer, PhD.) and for women (Annie Sprinkle) – valid only for course Yoni and Lingham and for extended courses of Intimate massage
  • Thai massage
  • Intuitive work with energy
  • Reiki
  • Our own experiences from our personal life, from hundreds of massages and tens of courses!

The whole ritual of tantric massage we teach in several follow-up weekends: Art of Touch, Yoni and Lingham, The Secret of the Body and The Ritual of Senses.

Discover and develop your intimacy in a safe atmosphere

We create a safe atmosphere at the course where you can focus on discovering and developing your own intimacy. Everything is happening in a protected area, among people with their hearts opened, who may have similar expectations and worries like you about what is going to happen at the course.

  • Through the explanation and demonstration you will find out about differences between men and women body, sensation and perception, which influences the approach to sexuality.
  • You will learn how to take it into account in the way of providing a massage.
  • Men will learn to build up the sexual energy in their bodies and to expand it to the whole-body experience with the aid of breath.
  • We will also introduce you a therapeutic level of intimate massage.
  • Tantric massage has beneficial effects on the psyche and health. It refreshes your mind, heals your body and lights up your soul.
  • The seminar is for anyone who wants to learn more about intimate massage and the difference of it with regard to male and female sexuality.


You will understand better your own sexual sensation
as well as sexual sensation of other people.

At the course you will learn:

  • To understand better yourself and your sexual sensation and perception
  • To understand better the opposite sex – differences in sensation and perception of men and women
  • To touch your partner in the way which supports intimate closeness and passion
  • To integrate sensuality, soul and spirit – to open your heart and to help other to open the heart in the sensuality.
    There will also be a space for questions regarding the topic.


Sanitary principles: Latex or vinyl gloves can be used during the intimate massage. Disinfection is also available.

Lecturers: Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková,
CSB & Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and ways to use this area for health, happiness, love life and personal development. Since 2002 Denisa and Richard helped several thousands of people to more joyful and fulfilled life with their courses, lectures and articles.

They are particularly famous for their compilation of the holistic sensual massage that quickly spread in the Czech Republic under the name of tantric massage. They are the creators of a center for massage and personal development \"Tantra Spa Prague\": www.tantraspa.cz.

Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD., Denisa and Richard brought from the USA to the Czech Republic a new profession \"Sexological Bodywork\": www.sexologicalbodywork.cz, with extraordinary effects in somatic education and health. In 2013 they founded the \"European Academy of somatic education - EASE\": www.somatic-education.cz, in order to offer benefits of the Bodywork to the general public and certified professionals.

They are authors of educational DVD The Art of Touch.

Location: Karlovka Center, Karlova 25, Prague 1

Dates: 9th – 10th January 2016

  • Saturday 10:00 – 20:00, Sunday 10:00 – 14:00
  • Registration starts at 9:30, program starts slightly after 10:00.

Price: 120 Euro

  • For CZK 200,- you can stay overnight at the place of the seminar.

A prerequisite for the participation in the course is liking to both give and receive touch. Experience from tantra and/or tao, as well as knowledge of other massage techniques, are welcome!

I´ve got a lot of questions. Where can I learn more? You can refer to the section of frequently asked questions here. (In Czech language)

You can also call our assistant at +420 774 77 66 88
or send an e-mail to dar.info4u@gmail.com.