7th - 8th November 2015, Prague

The School of Sensual Holistic Massage

The thirteenth Chamber

Sensitive anus massage invites into deeper dimensions of trust and heart opening. It heals the mind and the body.

Another dimension of holistic sensual massage: buttocks massage, external anal massage, pelvic floor massage for men (including prostate) and women.

This massage enables us to work with the body on a deeper level. Promotes grounding and anchoring inside the body, brings optimism and confidence in life. Can be a source of great pleasure and enrichment of one’s own sexuality.

It also reminds us of what it means to lift the energy level in the body and relax into this increased energy. In such a state we can experience ecstasy, trance, heightened state of consciousness. It deepens our insight. The body regenerates and recharges, and we gain access to a reliable source of life energy. It heals the mind and the body.

Sensitive anus massage invites into deeper dimensions of trust and heart opening. Men, besides the positive impact on health (prostate massage), get a glimpse of the yin part of sexuality full of pleasure from surrendering. It thus helps men to connect instinctive sexuality with their heart.

Our society influenced by Christian tradition separates \"dirty below\" and \"divine above.\" We experience this schism in our minds and bodies. We try to suppress our \"shady\" sites and are ashamed of our natural animality and sensuality.

Loving contact with the place,
of which we already as children learn that
it is unclean,
helps us to be more whole.

Tension in the anal area is associated with fear (\"tight ass\"). Massage promotes release which has beneficial effects on the body’s energy system as well as on the psyche. Massage of the rosette promotes energy flow downwards: it warms up feet, connects us to the ground. It brings the opportunity to anchor firmly in life and find inner certainty, legitimate trust and joy. It is indirectly related to the topics of material security, roots and home.

It contributes to the fact that we are down to earth. We see clearly and realistically the world around us. We look at life with joy, optimism and confidence. We honor our body and live fully its animal and sacred dimension.

The anus massage, that we teach, raises a whole range of emotions, including fear and shame. Both feelings keep us in a certain \"safe\" context, narrow our ability to move and grow, limit our life energy. You may also meet with such feelings during the course and make use of the chance to work with them consciously.

You will again encounter:

  • examples and explanations (techniques, deeper meanings, approach and psyche)
  • dancing to release tension and re-energize
  • circles for sharing - questions and answers
  • and of course: practical exercises

The massage is done in several \"rounds\": relaxing the body, releasing tension of perineum through a fine technique of applying a finger, external and internal rosette massage. It is important to know that everyone follows one’s own pace and meets with personal topics that may include shame, inhibitions, closing up. Rosette massage is not done by force and everyone gets where one is at that moment.

Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB
& Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and ways to use this area for health, happiness, love life and personal development. Since 2002 Denisa and Richard helped several thousands of people to more joyful and fulfilled life with their courses, lectures and articles.

They are particularly famous for their compilation of the holistic sensual massage that quickly spread in the Czech Republic under the name of tantric massage. They are the creators of a center for massage and personal development \"Tantra Spa Prague\": www.tantraspa.cz.

Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD., Denisa and Richard brought from the USA to the Czech Republic a new profession \"Sexological Bodywork\": www.sexologicalbodywork.cz, with extraordinary effects in somatic education and health. In 2013 they founded the \"European Academy of somatic education - EASE\": www.somatic-education.cz, in order to offer benefits of the Bodywork to the general public and certified professionals.

They are authors of educational DVD The Art of Touch.

Some responses of participants

Thirteenth Chamber:

This weekend with massages was a strong and deep one. Thank you for openly breaking the taboos in which we grew up. Your sensitive way of conducting seminars allows people to open up into their nature. They can experience again freer and happier life with more space to receive themselves and others. I always leave your seminars with great fulfilment.
Anna (42)store manager
Last night I enjoyed my first home massage which I had offered to my partner. It was beautiful. ... And I look forward to the next meeting.
Jitka (45)accountant


  • Centrum Karlovka; Karlova 25, Praha 1


  • 7th - 8th November 2015
  • Saturday 10:00 – cca. 20:00, Sunday 10:00 – cca. 14:00
  • Registration: 9:30

Price: CZK 2800

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