23th - 24th January 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Scar Tissue Healing

"It doesn´t matter how old the scar is-you will feel relieved, have more life, energy, joy, and the chronical pains will ease, a life pleasure will restoreanddevelop, even in theintimate area."

Even after a wound caused by surgery, injury, obstetric surgery, etc. is healed, we perceive it further because of the scar that can still be painful or insensitive.
Scars significantly inhibit the flow of our energy in the body and affect our physical and mental condition. Especially if they are located in the intimate areas of the body they fundamentally disrupt the intimate life. Or we can experience chronical back pain and/or headache due to appendectomy scar.

By working with scars we can restore the flow of energy in the body and unexpectedly increase the levels of aliveness and joy in our life.

What will you learn on this course?

Techniques that work with all types of scars, including those that are deeply embedded inside the body (scars caused by cesarean section, postoperative scars, birth scars, deep scars on muscles, adhesions after laparoscopy and gynaecological surgeries).

• You will learn the anatomy and physiology of a scar
• You will learn how the chaining mechanism, that explains how pain from the scar goes to other parts of the body, functions.


• We will explain the anatomy of the pelvis and the pelvic floor
• We will explain how a caesarean section is performed and how to treat all three types of scars and where to find them on the body
• We will teach you a technique „constellation of scars“ – which helps you to recognize why was the scar created, and how to cure it on the mental level
The workshop is designated to all therapists working with the body, massage therapists or physiotherapists. Furthermore for all those who have scars and want to work with them.

Technique of work with scars was created by Richard Vojík, who is also teaching it, together with his colleague from California Ellen Heed. Another source for this work comes from cooperation with Mgr. Šárka Rychnovská and Mgr. Tomáš Rychnovským, PhD., who brought part of the knowledge from Czech physiotherapy school that works with scars and paralyzed tissues.

Situations through which scars are formed


Removal of the appendix, removal of the uterus (hysterectomy), burst (rupture) of a cyst, all laparoscopic surgeries, cesarean section, episiotomy, rupture of the perineum during childbirth, all these situations and procedures affect our experience of everyday life and intimacy.


Scars don´t form only through surgery, but also through infections (candida, chlamydia, chronic inflammation of the bladder, papilloma virus), injuries, insensitive quick sex and some may even be formed only mentally from memories associated with a particular place on the body. Scars can cause pain elsewhere in the body than where they are located. If the scar is located on the belly and in an intimate area – it dampens sexual experience and affects our physical and mental well-being.


For many mums childbirth can be a beautiful experience, which however can also leave painful memories on the body of a woman. Quite often we can percieve lighter or significant ruptures of vaginal walls, rupture of the perineum or even episiotomy. These injured places are often painful for weeks, sometimes even months after childbirth, and even after the scarred tissue is healed it sometimes remains painful or insensitive.


Scars formed by episiotomy during childbirth that is left without further treatment not only remains on the body, but can also grow further into the interior of the vagina. Each time a woman makes love it may be connected with physical discomfort and often with emotional pain, which is linked to the experience through which the scar was formed. The physical and mental irritation is then part of the intimacy of a couple and can lead to further misunderstanding and tension between the partners.


Many women undergoing caesarean section doesn´t like to even look at the scar on their body, they may experience discomfort just by thinking about it, let alone to touch it. These subconscious strategies are source of omnipresent tension in the body and in life, which takes away a woman´s energy and joy without her realizing it.


Scars can be treated and thus restore the body stamina, pleasure and delight. People who have undergone the scar healing therapy are surprised by how much energy they have all of a suden after completing the procedure! The scars are healed by softer or stronger massage (depending on the type and age of the scar) using castor oil. Natural castor oil helps to dissolve scarred tissue.

Thanks to a specific type of massage of the scar, the scar would gradually decrease, and with it the insensitivity of scarred tissue. This effect is not just local - in the area of the scar - but affects the experience of the whole body and psyche. For example, scar resulting from surgical removal of the appendix may, due to chaining of the tension in the muscle tissue, cause back pain or migraine. Scars in the vagina or lower abdomen are also closely linked to the experience of intimate life and can greatly limit pleasure.


EMOTIONAL SCARS (invisible):

They are hidden in the tissue memory and manifest as lumps, cramps or constricted tissue. When touched, there are considerably painful, bring strong emotions or numbness (rape, violence and other traumas).

• adhesions - after inflammations, surgeries, laparoscopies, after ill-absorbed gas from laparoscopy,
• all postoperative scars - especially scars formed by caesarean section,
• fractures,
• skin wounds of all kinds,
• scars caused by chlamydia and other diseases,
• scars caused by endometriosis,
• scars after cured cysts,
• scars caused by all gynecological operations 

Only trained experts amongst physiotherapists deal with the scar healing and in the context of intimate areas of the body they are the only ones trained for this job - consultants in sexological body work. >> Read more about this new profession HERE.

Scars formed during childbirth that trouble many women even years after the labour can be cured in a few sessions and thanks to that, joy and pleasure can be restored in the body. The scars are usually easier to work with - they disappear quicker - when they are still quite fresh, lets say several weeks (months). Pain, numbness and discomfort are usually significantly dissolved during the first three sessions. However, even many years old scars can be treated by this special massage.

If this article has reminded you of your own physical treatments, surgeries and pains of the body and the soul, it is recommended to undergo several sessions of scars healing. You can learn the procedure not only in the individual sessions, but also in the professional weekend workshop. You will be pleasantly surprised how essential and strongly positive effect can these few hours of healing touch have on your life! 

Denisa and Richard bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and methods how to use this area for health, happiness, life in a couple and personal development. Since 2002, thanks to their courses, lectures and articles they have already helped several thousand people to have a more joyful and fulfilled life. They are well known mainly thanks to the concept of holistic sensual massage they drew up, which spreded rapidly in our country under the name of tantric massage.

They created a center for massages and personal development named Tantra Spa Prague. Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. they brought to Czech Republic a new profession called Sexological Bodywork, which originates from the U.S.A. and has extraordinary effects in the field of somatic education and health.

In 2013 they founded the European Academy of Somatic Education - EASE to make the benefits of the body work available to the general public and provide certification for professionals. They are the authors of an educational DVD Art of Touch.


  • Studio Karma Yoga, Korunní 25, Praha 2


Date: 23th - 24th January 2016

  • Saturday from 10am till approx. 8pm, Sunday from 10am to approx. 2pm
  • Registration takes place from 9:30 am, program begins slightly after 10am.


Price: 120 Euro


The assumption for participation in the courses is the willingness to give and receive touch. Experiences from the realm of Tantra and/or Tao, as well as knowledge of other massage techniques are welcome!

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