25th- 28th March 2016, Váňa´s farmhotel,

The School of sensual holistic massage


Intensive work with sensual holistic massage. We will dedicate 3 1/2 days to work up touch and energy in sensual holistic massage. We will focus on targeted use of sexual energy for the development of specific life areas, aspects of sexual experiencing or healing. 

Transformation, vision, bodywork, massages, limbic imprint recoding...

You will be both receivers and helpers of these transformative processes. You will have the opportunity to turn to your own chosen issue. This may be about your sexuality, about an area you would like to support in your life or where you feel your energy is stuck.

In these 3 1/2 days you will have the time and the support for personal growth, and you will assist the others on their journey.

Content of the course:

  • touch
  • sensual holistic (tantra) massage
  • heart opening
  • expanding sexual experiencing to other areas of your life
  • meditation
  • dance
  • sharing and individual feedback

Who can attend?

We recommend this workshop for those, who have already done some experience with touch, massage and work with sexual energy. Both singles and couples are welcome.


During the workshops, you are free to choose the level of intimacy that you feel comfortable with.


In all workshops, we have a lot of fun together and make many new friends, sometimes for life.


The workshop will be taught in Czech with English translation.

Lecturers: Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB & Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and ways to use this area for health, happiness, love life and personal development. Since 2002 Denisa and Richard helped several thousands of people to more joyfull and fulfilled life with their courses, lectures and articles.

They are particularly famous for their compilation of the holistic sensual massage that quickly spread in the Czech Republic under the name of tantric massage. They are the creaters of a centre for massage and personal development \"Tantra Spa Prague\":www.tantraspa.cz.

Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD., Denisa and Richard brought from the USA to the Czech Republic a new profession \"Sexological Bodywork\": www.sexologicalbodywork.cz, with extraordinary effects in somatic education and health. In 2013 they founded the \"European Academy of somatic education - EASE\": www.somatic-education.cz, in order to offer benefits of the Bodywork to the general public and certified professionals.

Denisa Říha Palečková
Richard Vojík

Location: Váňův statek, Dubovice

Dates: 25th - 28th March 2016

  • Friday at 8PM- registration, dinner -  Monday 2PM

Price: 190 Euro (includes course fee+ food+ accomodation)


Accomodation: Váňův statek (Váňa’s farm) 

Beautiful venue in Vysočina not far from Pelhřimov. It will take you about 90 minutes to get there from Prague.

Váňův statek is a family business with very nice partnership energy. Also many weddings are hosted there. The owners, Mrs. and Mr. Váňa take very good and loving care of the venue. Beside the vast green of surrounding woods and little pond, there is a horse stable and sheep pasture next to the farm.

The rooms are pleasant and plainly furnished. Some rooms have their own bathrooms, other have shared (usually one for two or three rooms). Additional accommodation is also possible in nearby villas (10min walk, few-min drive).

I´ve got a lot of questions. Where can I learn more? You can refer to the section of frequently asked questions here. (In Czech language)

You can also call our assistant at +420 774 77 66 88
or send an e-mail to dar.info4u@gmail.com.