2nd November - 11th November  2018

10-days Transforming Training of Holistic Sensual Massage


Open yourself to LIFE. Open yourself to LOVE.


This professional training is finished

with certification by EASE.

Take this unique opportunity.

Change the way how you perceive your life.

Mindfull and sensitive work with body, touch and intimacy is one of the strongest tools of developing your personal strength, life enjoyment, feeling of your life journey and possibilities that you have in your life. Thanks to lovefull attention to your body and soul you will clean up the old patterns and programs and you will open your system to more joy and wishes of the bottom of your heart. You will learn a lot about yourself and about other people, too. About body polarity of men and women. About many meanings of pleasure. You will learn, how many layers and meaning has our sexual (=life) strength, and how you can develop yourself and others through it.

This training is for both individuals and couples, for both amateurs and professionals.

The training is a powerfull tool for embodiment of your life journey - in your personal life, in your relationship and also in your profession.

It´s a unique way of enrichment and transformation.

It gives you information about body and soul which you wanted to know already at high school - at the latest :-)🙂

Detailed training description:

  • the Ritual of senses: the art of touch, working with human energy and its spiritual dimension; honoring ritual, attitude of giving, principles of holistic sensual massage; pressure massage using hot washcloths, awakening skin sensitivity through gentle touch and touching with soft objects, oil massage
  • oil body massage inspired by Esalen masage and pressure massages
  • erotic reflexology
  • the Ritual of awakening the senses
  • differences in male and female body polarity
  • intimate massage for men
  • intimate massage for women
  • pelvic floor massage
  • prostate massage
  • erotic energy and altered states of consciousness
  • face and cavities massage (oral, nasal, ears)
  • working with intention
  • levels of benefits of holistic sensual massage: body and soul healing, personal development, inspirations for intimate life, nourishing creativity and well-being etc.
  • for men: orgasm without ejaculation – technique of \"Big draw\" serves as a tool of revitalization and expansion of consciousness
  • for women: psychical and physical trauma healing – basics of so-called vaginal mapping (technique to experience increase vaginal sensitivity and more pleasure, also releasing old pains and traumas)
  • sensual holistic massage in partner life and as a profession

And much more...



This intensive training is a deep self-exploration, and gives you valuable tools

for your own life as well as for working with others.


The workshop will be taught in Czech with English translation, but an intermediate level is enough, there will surely be people around to help you communicate.


What do participants of our courses say?

...It brought joy back to my life. It brought back my will to be. And not only that, but also the excitement of passing it on.

What would I wish to people? I’d wish them the firsthand experience of atmosphere that was created here, the safety and the development of their body and soul.

I felt really safe and accepted here.

Denisa and Richard, that’s cool! They can say, in totally natural and humorous way, things which others wouldn’t even dare to think about.

....more in the video below...

In case the English subtitles do not show up automatically, play the video and click on the lower right Subtitle bottom. 

Sensual holistic (tantric) massage helps you to develop your feelings of pleasure... read more in the article here.

Professional 10-days Certified Training includes:

Unique cycle of 7 workshops will bring you to the intense path not only of learning the procedures and techniques, but mainly of deeply experiencing all the massages, exploring your own soul, and getting closer to the souls of others.

The educational energetic and transformational \"boiler\" full of love to yourself and others, suitable both for those who wish to get the most comprehensive knowledge of tantra massage and also for the \"experts\", who wish to experience the School of Tantric Massage in this unique format bringing depth, intensity and joy.

  • The Art of Touch
  • The Secret of the body and the Ritual of senses
  • Yoni and Lingam
  • Thirtheen Chamber
  • The Fourth Dimension
  • Tantra Massage Intensive
  • Pleasure and Healing - Vaginal mapping

Lecturers: Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, CSB & Richard Vojík, CSB

Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík bring a whole new perspective on intimacy and ways to use this area for health, happiness, love life and personal development. Since 2002 Denisa and Richard helped several thousands of people to more joyfull and fulfilled life with their courses, lectures and articles.

They are particularly famous for their compilation of the holistic sensual massage that quickly spread in the Czech Republic under the name of tantric massage. They are the creaters of a centre for massage and personal development \"Tantra Spa Prague\": www.tantraspa.cz. Denisa and Richard also develped their own system of work with body, polarity and personal development: A unique training CORE TOUCH.

In 2013 they founded the \"European Academy of somatic education - EASE\": www.somatic-education.cz, in order to offer benefits of the Bodywork to the general public and certified professionals.

The series of tantra massages enhanced my life already, they changed the way I perceive sexuality.

I felt power, pureness and innocence of our sexual energy.

It showed me the way I´ve been searching for so long, the way to know myself and the endless possibilities hidden in my body waiting to be discovered, awakened and used by me for my well being.


Thanks so much for the 10 days of intensive tantra massage training – it was a very interesting experience and I enjoyed myself a lot.

I think my dream came true there - I received so much love and received positive feedback like never before… and that assured me I am possibly really on the right path and it makes sense to walk further on that path.

It was just splendid and I still overflow with love and I hope it will last as long as possible.


Feelings of joy and happiness are hard to describe.

There are no words to fully capture them.

I feel happy and I would like to learn how to give happiness to the others from you. I love you all so much.


I feel so purified. It was kind of an initiation ceremony.


I can heartily recommend all seminars and other events by Denisa Richard.

After taking part in the workshops you will never be the same person!

You will experience joy, love, being connected, sharing, but also pain, tears and regret. We have been awakened through the combination of these strong feelings and we felt so grateful and humble.

Suddenly you just know who you are and why you are in this world! 

Thank you for all those numerous presents I got!



I feel charged and I feel a lot of energy to live!


„It is a huge RESTART and I am so INCREDIBLY  GRATEFUL – THANK YOU!!!“


I would like to thank Denisa and Richard in this way for their workshops. We will definitely attend other workshops too, I can heartily recommend them to everyone. A whole new world opened to me and my husband, and we are just at the beginning…


Dates: 29th June - 9th July 2018

Location: Váňův statek

The training is designed for:

  • those who wish to get comprehensive knowledge of Sensual holistic (tantra) massage and complete a professional training in Sensual holistic massage (which can be utilized in personal and partner life or in your profession),
  • the \"old friends\", who already completed parts of the School of sensual holistic massage (or the whole school) and want to plunge into the deep and joyful atmosphere of working with touch and life energy, brush up the familiar methods and experience them in a new way, learn new massage elements, meet new and old friends and enjoy summer with us!
  • for those who want to go even further in the study of human intimacy and sexuality and plan to enter the Core Touch training.

The prerequisite of attending our workshops is your desire to give and receive touch.

Experience in tantra and/or tao and also knowledge of other massage techniques is welcome!


Price: Eur 1290 (accommodation and meals (full board) included in the price)



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Váňův statek, sex, láska, vědomé milování, denisa a richard 10
Váňův statek, sex, láska, vědomé milování, denisa a richard 13
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Váňův statek, sex, láska, vědomé milování, denisa a richard 16

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