Is it better to first go to a course or to have an individual session of vaginal mapping?

Is it better to first go to a course or to have an individual session of vaginal mapping?

What is the difference between a course and an individual session in Tantra Spa?

It both provides something, and although the method is one and the same, often the experience is different. There are things only a seminar can offer and other things can be offered especially on individual sessions.


A course - some differences to an individual session:

1/ An interpretation of the method directly from the teachers Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík who introduced vaginal mapping to the Czech Republic within the Sexuological Bodywork training. They offer courses “Pleasure and healing” for professionals and the general public in the Czech Republic since 2012.

2/ Due to the active participation of many women, a unique “healing field” is formed on the seminar. The experience and progression of each participant is simultaneously enrichment for the other women. Many of you may have experienced that exercising in a group (such as yoga, zumba, ...) feels much better and is more satisfying than doing the same thing at home alone. In addition to this effect, there also occurs an enrichment of every woman on the inner plane through the experiences of the others.

3/ The seminar is complemented by other techniques of working with the body and breath for deeper relaxation and releasing of the unnecessary.

4/ It is also possible to take your partner or a friend to the seminar ... someone who will learn the method and with whom you can then continue after the course in other sessions.

Also you will meet other participants at the course, who will learn the procedure, and you can arrange for additional sessions together.


Individual sessions - benefits:

1/ You work with an experienced massage therapist. They are highly skilled in the method already and are your high quality guides. (It is important to find out where to go, whom to go to, what education and experience the therapist has, what his or her references are...).

2/ You can perhaps relax easier due to the privacy (although some women relax better because they perceive the relaxation of other women at the seminar, and it works as an inspiration).

3/ You can attend the session alone or on request with your partner. Even an individual session can be understood as a lecture. Some women want their partner to learn the method. They often choose an option, when their partner is present at one or more of sessions of a series (vaginal mapping is offered in a set of at least 3 sessions). The procedure can be explained to him, he can be taught or just let watch and be present for support. Many women, however, like seating by themselves, at least partially. They can feel free, in the sense that they do not need to explain - what they feel and why.


The seminar is considerably more affordable (CZK 2,800, respectively CZK 2,500 discount price for couples at the seminar, individual session CZK 9,000 per 3 x 3 hours) and offers a very profound experience.

Individual sessions on the other hand give the opportunity of having an experienced therapist and allows the receiving woman space for herself only. Also, the sequence of the session is of advantage, because vaginal mapping is really a “way” that lasts for more than one session or one day. Certain topics and experiences “open up” at the beginning, and then they continue. In continuation of the session the woman sees what progress she is making.


Many women chose both. It´s not so important what to begin with. For the beginning maybe explanations from the seminar and a certain “energy initiation” into the atmosphere of mapping would be good, but it is not a requirement. The massage therapist introduces the framework within the individual sessions too. 

Mgr. Palečková, CSB  brings a whole new view of intimacy and methods that help to use it to bring about a positive change in health, happiness, partnership and personal development. Since 2002 their (she works together with Richard Vojík) courses, lectures and articles have helped thousands of people to live more joyful and fulfilled lives. They are known chiefly as the creators of the holistic sensual massage that has quickly become popular under the name of tantric massage.

Together with Richard Vojík, they are the founders of the Tantra Spa Prague massage and personal development centre. Together with Joseph Kramer, PhD. they brought the new profession of Sexological Bodywork from the USA and have had exceptional results in somatic education and healing.

In 2013 they founded the European Academy of Somatic Education – EASE with the aim to make accessible the benefits of bodywork to the general public and to provide the certification of professionals. They are also the creators of the educational DVD The Art of Touch.

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