Courses for couples

We’ve prepared an overwiew of venues where you can go to our courses for couples:

Váňův statek (Váňa’s farm)


Beautiful venue in Vysočina not far from Pelhřimov. Váňův statek is a family business with very nice partnership energy. Also many weddings are hosted there. The owners, Mrs. and Mr. Váňa take very good and loving care of the venue. Beside the vast green of surrounding woods and little pond, there is a horse stable and sheep pasture next to the farm.

The rooms are pleasant and plainly furnished. Some rooms have their own bathrooms, other have shared (usually one for two or three rooms). Additional accommodation is also possible in nearby villas (10min walk, few-min drive).

Our courses at Váňův statek are, out of our courses for couples, the most affordable.

Villa Pepita


I found this noble 1930s villa by chance while visiting nearby buddhist centre in Polish Międzygórze (close to Czech borders). Immediately I was taken by its unrivalled dreamy atmosphere. As if the time had stopped. As if I was in a different world. Wood with a gurgling stream outside the windows, the 1930s atmosphere pitched with French chansons that you can listen to by the fire in café. Or you can contemplate on the terrace and listen to the birds singing. Relax in sauna (Finish or steam) or in whirlpool.

Gradually, I learnt the history of this venue. The owner personally chose and supervised design of each individual room. Loving care breathes from every detail.

With my husband, we spent a beautiful weekend in this boutique hotel then and I knew immediately that it was new venue for our courses for couples. Few months later we held our first course there and since then hundreds of couples attended the following ones.

We also filmed one of our seminars there; you can see the authentic footage and sample the atmosphere of our course for couples.


Villa Pepita = middle price level, when it comes to food and accommodation. Villa Pepita is more expensive than Váňův statek, but with very good price/performance ratio.

Chateau Mcely



The pearl of our seminar venues. Gourmet food and accommodation for the most demanding. Together with Richard we “discovered” Chateau Mcely in 2006. Immediately we felt that it was an excellent venue for our seminars and gradually we “learnt” why and everything fell into place. Chateau Mcely is a place that was created from fate love and life wisdom, from desire to bring inspiration and benefit to others. To provide the above-expectation care of guest’s body and soul. To create environment that would gratify their taste buds and bodies to 200% with the best ingredients in Piano Nobile restaurant. To let their guests rest on soft mattresses in individually designed rooms and apartments. To offer massage therapies with the highest quality oils and scents. To lighten one’s soul by its unique atmosphere that is imprinted in chateau chambers and large park with spreading trees, herb garden and relaxing gazebo with sauna and outside whirlpool.

Mrs. and Mr. Cusumano created Chateau Mcely from deep love and attachment to this place. From a desire to create an environment that would inspire their guests to make this world better place for better life. For us, every visit to Chateu Mcely brings exactly that, the insight and inspiration for our further lives. That is why we want to share Mcely with you. And, at course for couples in this unique place, to help you draw inspiration into your relationship, your love and meaningful life and business.

Let’s peak together into the chateau chambers and under the hood of our courses for couples. Video includes part of interview with the Mcely owner James Cusumano.